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LoA V-necks

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LEGENDS OF AESTHETICS™ Official Clothing Line

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MAY be subject to shrinking if machine washed/dried

0206TC/ Men's Fine Jersey V-Neck Tee

100% ring-spun cotton 30/1's fine knit jersey, tubular construction, ribbed V-Neck, taped neck and shoulders with double needle sleeves and bottom hem. Reactive-dyed, dischargeable, features a Tear Anywhere Label.

(Shirts may or may not be *exactly* as described on size shirt) 

The original LoA V-neck. To reduce the risk of being squirted upon, you may wish to wear a poncho when sporting this shirt. 

So you wanna become a member of Legends of Aesthetics? 

You can start by reppin' the shirt. 


Keep in mind, wearing the shirt, you better be standing up for what LoA means.

If you're not willing to change for the better, LoA is not for you. When joining this revolutionary team, there is the assumption that you are here to improve your understanding, progress your physique and performance, and pass on wisdom to others. 


Chances are you're here because you are *aware*. You're aware that most of what the mass media pumps out involving working out, nutrition, etc, is nonsense. Chances are, you don't even read through the magazines anymore. You can smell bullish*t from a mile away. You are becoming more and more selective of what you believe, and who you trust involving training and nutrition. You may have fallen victim to "broscience" in the past, but that's not you anymore.


 We are here as a TEAM and  a FAMILY to spread the the simple approach that LoA takes:

No bullshit fad diets, gimmicks or miracle pills, you can't build an impressive/healthy physique overnight via a magical supplement. 

No bogus workout protocols having you do pointless 20+ rep sets, or 1-armed barbell OHP's while balancing on a bosu ball soaked with baby oil. 

No 3+ hours of steady state cardio per day, 7 days a week, to step on stage as a bikini competitor. Bodybuilders... you too. It's not about sacrificing to win, or "whoever kills themselves the most wins". None of that Sh*t. Here at LoA we optimize our approach, so time and effort isn't wasted. Oh yeah... not to mention your metabolism and HEALTH. (of which Many "coaches/gurus" don't give a shit about

No "you have to eat every 2-3 hours to keep the metabolic fire going" bullcrap. Whether you're lean gaining, or cutting, we know that it's all about Macronutrients, while hitting your adequate micronutrient, fiber, and water intake. 


Join the team of elites. Share the truth. Become a legend.

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